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[Report Players Format] Read BEFORE reporting!!!!

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4 years ago


[Directions]: Follow the format below and include PROOf!

that is the MOST and I mean MOST required key part in reporting

players who are violating the rules of ShinyDreams. If you dont know

how to get evidence/proof just press F2 and it will take a screenshot

of lets say..... a hacker flying, a screenshot is a pretty good way to

get the hacker banned. Heck Even better record the hacker/rule violator.

Either screenshot or record the event happening where the rule violater

was violating the rules is the best way to get them a punishtment.

Also please make a SEPERATE post do NOT reply with your report,

just a seperate post so it can be easier to find your report. If our report

was poorly made then it will be deleted, which is basicly us telling you

to redo the report.


Report format below!


                                                                     [Report Format]

|Reporter username|: (Your minecraft username, for example... Notch)

|Rule violator's username|: (Must be exactly as how you last remeber seeing his or her's minecraft username or somewhere close).

|Report date made|: (If you dont remeber try to think of the month, week, time, etc.)

|Rule violator sightings date|: (When did the person violated the rules, if you don't remeber try to think of the month, week, time, etc.)

|Proof/evidence|: (This is REQUIRED and must be a video or screenshot of the rule violator's sightings, if you do not include proof then YOUR REPORT WILL  BE DELETED and ignored, you have been warned! so No proof means we can't help and do anything.)

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